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Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1, Fungicide, Miticide, Insecticide

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Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 Fungicide, Miticide, Insecticide

Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 is a multi-purpose product with Tri-Action formula proven blend for fungicide, miticide, insecticide. Formulated with natural ingredients and eco-friendly formula which are safe for all types of plants at all growth levels. It’s ready to use liquid formulation best to control rust, spider mites, black spot, powdery mildew, aphids, whiteflies, anthracnose and other insect pests. Give your plants a touch of Plantic Total Plant Care fungicide, insecticide and miticide effective to kill insects at all stages from eggs, larvae up to adults and can be used on houseplants, ornamental trees & shrubs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and organic gardening etc. Its periodic use protects your plants from diseases and prevents them from further attack. 

Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 fungicide, miticide, insecticide Key Benefits

  1. Tri-Action Formula: Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 solution obtained with potent natural ingredients proven for its multiple benefits on plants health. It is a combination of fungicide, miticide and insecticide that control fungal disease in plants while controlling mites and other insects. 
  2. Effective At All Stages: Give your plants weekly care of fungicide, miticide, insecticide that works with all types of plants and prevent them from anthracnose, powdery mildew, downy mildew, hornworms, leafhoppers, bagworms, leafminers, psyllids, budworms, aphids, fruit flies, beetles, armyworms, whiteflies, mealy bugs, scab, black spots and more. And support plants at all growth stages.
  3. Support All Plants: The super blend has carefully chosen natural ingredients which are safe for all types of plants and can be used on flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs, nuts, fruits grown in and around home and garden. Plus, it’s easy to use formula allows you to provide plants with overall care for their healthy growth.
  4. Total Care Formula: Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 (fungicide, insecticide, and miticide) solution has naturally derived formulation, which directly works with your plants and prevents them from diseases and pests. It has proven results of killing insects at all stages - eggs, larvae, and adult stages and gives your plants better support for bigger and better growth
  5. Prevent Future Attack: Just with a little care of Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 power blend keeps insects, fungus and mites away from plants and prevent them from coming back. It’s ready to use liquid formulation (fungicide, miticide, insecticide) provide total care to your beloved plants and aids in better growth. For the heavy insect population, apply on a 7-day schedule. 
  6. Safe For Plants: Our 3 in 1 solution - fungicide, miticide, insecticide infused with harmless ingredients coupled with Plantic advance care science which are safe for all types of crops and don’t affect their health. With its fast-acting framing, it protects your plants and supports them for better producing.

How to Use Fungicide, Insecticide, Miticide

  • Shake well before using
  • Spray Plantic Total Plant Care 3 in 1 on your plants.
  • For better results, use after every 7 days.
  • Use preferably in the early morning/late evening.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with eyes and skin. Use with care on plants with tender issues.


Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible plant growth and blooming products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from natural minerals and organic matters and make it affordable for you.

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