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Plantic Organic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer For Water & Soilless Plants

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Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer Organic For Water & Soilless Plants

Plantic Organic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer especially formulated with advanced solutions that feed your water plants instantly with controlled releasing micronutrients. This liquid formulation spreads uniformly in the water and provides an even and constant amount of essentials. The blend powered by super ingredients safe for plants health and proven for optimum growth. So, give your water plants a drink of this miracle hydroponic fertilizer for freshening green.

Benefits Of Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer Organic

  1. Promote Rapid Growth: Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer is extremely potent, stand-alone, liquid concentrate nutrients. This hydroponic plant food will provide superior results when used with a variety of crops grown in the water medium. Natural ingredients benefit your plants and stimulate rapid rooting through the vegetative growth stage.
  2. Spreads Uniformly:   Our hydroponic fertilizer organic comes with a liquid formulation that spreads uniformly in water to provide a constant amount of nutrients to plants and makes it easier for you to care your plants. The advanced blend of this hydropnic plant food infused with powerful elements that feed your plants instantly and promote rapid growth.
  3. Support Every Growth Stage: Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer Organic inscribed with a combination of primary, secondary and micro-nutrients, which provides all its benefits to your plants. This hydroponic plant food helps you to feed your plant at every stage of growth in all kinds of environments. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor water plants.
  4.  Feed Instantly:  The advanced formulation of this hydroponic fertilizer helps to feed the right minerals, in the right ratios, to help plants flourish. Each ingredient is optimized to push serious growth and effectively nurture the plant health. The premium plant food for hydroponics assists you to provide care to your beloved plants whenever they look upset and hungry.
  5. Support Plant Health: Apart from encouraging the plants growth, this hydroponic plant food also helps promote the plants health. It’s micronutrients help prevent water plants from disease and pests and also aids in maintaining the correct pH balance. Obtained from fruitful ingredients under gardening experts which makes this hydroponic fertilizer safe and effective for all water plants. 

Why do you need to feed your plants with Plantic Hydroponic Liquid Plant Food?

Just like humans - Plants also need some essentials to complete their routine task. Plants grown in water medium or hydroponic system will not get proper nutrition. Thats why you need to feed your plants with Plantic Organic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer, formulated for all types of water plants with controlled releasing nutrition to promote their growth and make foliage more lushing and attractive.

How To Use Plantic Organic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer

  • Shake the bottle before mixing with water.
  • Add 5 ml of Plantic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer per litre of water
  • Feed your plants with the mixture.
  • Repeat the procedure once per week for better results. 

Cautions Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer

Wear gardening gloves when you feed your plants. Do not overdose the plants with Plantic Hydroponic Fertilizer.

Hydroponic Plants List

  • Money plants
  • Rose
  • Lettuce (Salad)
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber (Kheera)
  • Kale (Leaf Cabbage)
  • Strawberries
  • Chives (Herbal plant)
  • Peppers (Capsicum)
  • Spinach (Paalak)
  • Beans (Green beans, Pole Beans, Etc.)
  • White Radish (Moolee in Hindi)
  • Basil (Herbal plant)
  • Peppermint (Pudeena)
  • Ginger (Adarak)


Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible plant growth and blooming products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from natural minerals and organic matters and make it affordable for you.

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