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Believe In Your Listening

Plantic is not just a plant food brand but also cares about your satisfaction. We begin with customer listening to formulate every complex to develop a trust relationship. Our focus is on delivering the best quality products and services to you, inspired by nature love.

Making Gardening Easy

We are manufacturing every product to make your gardening simple. Our dedicated team of industry professionals believe to know “customer needs’ to deliver up to expectation product and service. Plantic has personal and professional experience of learning each feedback from each conversation with you. The process we use to manufacture our exclusive solution begins with the quality research to provide all essentials for complete care.

A Step Towards Organic

Plantic always cares for the environment, that’s why we choose only eco-friendly blends for your baby plants. Our true organic ingredients provide loving care and nourishment to your plants and also maintain soil health. We develop the finest organic gardening products that work in harmony with nature, grow beautiful gardens, and make a greener world for the future.

We Think Gardening Matters

We believe farming and gardening are one of the essential things on this earth to keep our nature happy. The plant offers the most essential things we need for survival on this planet. So, we must care about their health. We volunteer our time to learn and promote gardening to sustain the natural balance. Our every composition has a loving formula that truly cares for the environment.

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