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Plantic FruitDrop Liquid Fertilizer For Fruit Plants (Specially Formulated For All Types Of Fruit Trees) - 250 ml

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Plantic FruitDrop Liquid Fertilizer For Fruit Plants

Plantic FruitDrop Liquid Fertilizer For Fruits is a 100% natural plant food. Derived from plant extracts, banana peel and kelp. Rich in Controlled Release Micronutrients, which are proven and tested for faster growth and abundant fruits. Its eco-friendly blend is a combination of plant nutrients, amino acids and minerals required by plants. Boost immunity and resistance against drought, frost protection and stress recovery. The advanced liquid formulation instantly feeds to grow bigger and healthy fruits all growing season. Inscribed with Plant Growth Promoters, which nourish the root ball. It encourages rapid root development and makes it easier for the plant to intake all the essential nutrients.

Plantic FruitDrop is the best organic fertilizer for fruits in container/pot/ground grown indoor and outdoor. Its liquid formulation allows you to easily feed your trees, whether grown for commercial or home gardening purposes. It is one of the best fertilizer for fruit plants in India due to Unique Plant Nutrition Solution.


  1. PREVENTS FRUIT DROPPING: Our organic plant food has bio-actives that help prevent premature shedding of fruit from a tree before fully ripen. The Unique Plant Nutrient Solution enriches the tree with all essentials and stimulates abundant fruits. It naturally nourishes the plant and helps in strengthening the root system for better support and nutrient absorption.
  2. IMPROVE VEGETATIVE GROWTH: This organic fertilizer infused with a power-blend of micronutrients which are proven and tested for their effect on vegetative growth. This organic liquid fertilizer improves the quality of bulb and fruits and promotes a quality yield. Our bio-fertilizer has the goodness of homemade fertilizer, which makes it more safe and powerful for all types of fruit trees.
  3. PREVENT PESTS & DISEASE: Our organic fertilizer contains potent mineral, amino acids and nutrients solution, which helps in developing resistance against pests and diseases. Plus, it encourages the beneficial microbes in the soil for nitrogen fixation and higher nutrient absorption. Concentrated kelp and humic extracts help in faster growth and abundant fruits, making it the best organic fertilizer for fruit trees in India.
  4. INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY & QUALITY: Balanced Nutrition in our organic plant food helps in improving the quality of bulb and fruits. High-quality plant nutrient solutions improve the growth of roots and other parts of tree. It nourishes the plant at all growth stages and prevents it from wilting. This biofertilizer for fruit trees stimulates growth resulting in more crop production.
  5. ENCOURAGE BENEFICIAL MICROBES: Grow more fruits with our organic fertilizer, specially crafted from plant nutrients. It inhibits the harmful microbes and promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil. These microbes help in nitrogen fixation and nutrient absorption. This bio-fertilizer enriches the soil and makes it fertile for optimum growth and a healthy set of fruits.
  6. 100% NATURAL & VEG INGREDIENTS:  Our organic fertilizer is a power-packed solution of Active Bio-Agents that helps in faster growth and a larger set of fruits. It provides complete fruit care and nurtures them from the core for stronger and sustainable growth. Weekly doses of this organic fertilize revitalize your fruit trees.


  • Shake the bottle before mixing it with water.
  • Add 5 ml dose of Plantic FruitDrop Liquid Fertilizer per litre of water.
  • Feed your plant with the mixture.
  • Repeat the procedure once per week for better results. 


Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible plant growth and blooming products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from natural minerals and organic matters and make it affordable for you.

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