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Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food

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Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food

Plantic All-Natural Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food composed of all essentials that help promote bud, flower, fruit and root development in all types of plant. Its easy to use formula fruitful to enrich the soil with vitamins and amino acids which is easily absorbable by the plants. Plus, it spreads uniformly in soil and water to provide a constant amount of vital elements to your plants. Its primary and secondary nutrients aid in boosting plant growth and beautiful blooms, prevent against plant disease-causing bacteria and enhance beneficial microbes. Specially designed for indoor as well as outdoor plants, including hanging flower baskets. 

Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food Key Benefits

  1. Stimulates Abundant Fruit: The super ingredients enriched with 100% natural minerals, amino acids and nutrients that are proven for instant and significant fruit growth, advanced formula easily absorbs into the soil, making it perfect for super growth of your beloved plants, and provide a resistant from a bacterial attack that aids in promoting the overall health of the plant. 
  2. Feed Instantly: Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Fertilizer obtained from extensive research to deliver effective results. Its fine particles easily absorb and enrich the topsoil with its natural goodness which is further easily absorbed by plants, and feed the plants with fast-acting ingredients to promote flowers and fruit growth.
  3. Promotes & Prolongs Flowering: Plants need more than they are getting from an ordinary fertilizer, only a real plant food can aid in healthy plant growth. Our Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Fertilizer developed from an eco-friendly formula that helps promote and prolong flowering, support prolific flowers and flavorful fruits.
  4. Enhance Microbe Growth: Soil already has some essential microbes which aid in productive growth of the plant by providing nutrients, nitrogen and other vital ingredients, our organic plant food inscribed with pure ingredients which effectively promotes these microbes and at the same time kill harmful bacteria, to promote overall growth.
  5. Spread Uniformly: The All-Natural Bloom Booster Fertilizer concentrated with active nutrients, making it easy for soil and plants to absorb these required elements. It spreads uniformly in the topsoil to provide even amounts of minerals, calcium ion and amino acids for super growth and beautiful blooms, and revive the plants on the verge of wilting.
  6. Balance Soil pH: Healthy soil pH is very important for natural plant growth and flower blooms, but ordinary fertilizer can dis-balance the soil health. Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food maintains the correct pH level of soil and nurtures the soil with natural minerals and nutrients, making it perfect for super blooms.

How To Use Plantic Organic Water Soluble Bloom Booster Plant Food

  • Indoor plants: Mix 3g Bloom Booster in 1 litre water.
  • Outdoor plants: Mix 5g Bloom Booster in 1 litre water.
  • Drench the soil around the plants with the mixture.
  • Repeat the procedure once per week.


Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible plant growth and blooming products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from natural minerals and organic matters and make it affordable for you.

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