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Best Tips To Grow Carrots

The hearty veggie everyone loves to eat.

Carrot is known for its fascinating taste from thousands of years. It contains antioxidants and beta-carotene that are good for the whole body. Used as a side dish or salad it provides you with lots of benefits besides enhancing your taste. Carrots can grow easily and produce abundant crops. Here are some simple steps which can make your gardening easier:

Plant carrot in a mixture of sand and clay soil which has well-drained system. Feed your plants with Plantic Organic Liquid Fertilizer to improve soil nutrition and drainage. Containing all essentials to promote rapid rooting and quick growth. This all-purpose plant food balances the soil pH, feeds instantly and spreads uniformly in soil and water.

Plant carrots in a row, maintaining a proper distance between them. Sow 2-4 weeks before final spring frost comes to your area. Water encourage germination by keeping moisture in soil. So, water them regularly.

Before planting, always remove the weed by hand from roots to protect your seedlings. When the carrot comes above the ground and achieves their ideal colour, harvest them. To get the best harvest, feed regularly with Plantic natural plant food according to its label instruction.

Prepare the Seed Bed

Before planting carrots, you need to prepare the soil to make it easier for seedlings to reach their roots deep and grow to their full potential. So, follow the below points to prepare soil bed:

Dig the soil where you want to plant up to 3 inches. Then, add a fertile loamy soil over it.

Remove rocks and other debris from the topsoil

Remove weeds from the roots, otherwise, it will come back.

Nurture the soil with Plantic Organic Seed-Starter Liquid fertilizer to give them a boost of natural proteins. Enriched with organic composed to deliver the ideal starter dose of nutrition.

Plant the Seed

Planting seed in the correct way is important to get the best harvest. So, spread them on the ground in a row maintaining an accurate space between them. Sow the seeds directly on the soil in this manner that it has sufficient contact with the soil. Place them 2-4 weeks before the last spring frost date. Its seeds are tiny so keep moisture on the soil bed to help the seed stick and not blow around. Then, cover the seedling with soil or compost and feed with water gently.

Provide them Care

You need to help them grow by keeping the soil moist to help them germinate. Water, them once or twice a day for about 3 weeks. Thin the seedlings to about 3 inches apart when their leaves form. In summer, the carrots can easily dry out, so add a layer of mulch to retain moisture in the soil. It will also help to discourage the growth of weeds. Check out Plantic fertilizer containing all-natural food for real plants.

Time to Harvest

When the carrot shoulder comes out of soil and archives their ideal colour, then its time to harvest your lovely carrots. In a cold area, carrot colour intensifies so before you dig the last of the crop, wait until the soil begins to freeze. Give your plants a daily dose of Plantic real plant food to get the best result of your hard work in the garden

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