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Growing Tomatoes From Seed!

Now it’s easy to grow these juicy tomatoes.

Tomatoes are not just a fruit which considered as a vegetable (based on its nutrition), it is also the main recipe of almost every food. On one side it adds taste to cooked food, and on another side, it will enhance our taste buds as ketchup. But growing this juicy! Is a difficult task. A lot of experience is needed to grow it successfully. Here in this article are some tips which can help you to boost your garden skills.

Where to start?

Tomatoes have many varieties like yellow, cherry and heirloom - they all have different colours, flavours and sizes. Growing better quality tomatoes benefits your pocket. But, choosing between a seed or a starter plant to grow tomatoes profitably may be difficult for you.

Always start tomato gardening from seed. Because this gives you more control to ensure a healthier crop. You can feed them from seedlings to nurture their health from starting. Whereas, starter plants don’t offer you this facility.

How to Plant?

Either you plant in a garden or indoor, you can follow these steps to grow tomatoes: Choose the quality seed and then sow it in a small container, like a cup, pot, etc filled with soil.

For the container, place 2-3 seeds in each cell. Make sure that the container has enough holes for a proper drainage system.

Sow the seeds about 1/8 inch deep into the soil to make sure the seed has sufficient contact with soil.

Add Plantic Organic Seed-Starter Liquid Fertilizer to provide all nourishment to your starter plant. It provides all nutrients to encourage fast rooting and quick growth. Add enough water according to the need and cover the container loosely with plastic wrap to retain moisture.

Place the container in a dark, warm location between 70°F to 80°F. After 1 to 2 week, it starts sprouting, then moves them to a sunny spot or under artificial lights.

When their first leaves appear, transfer them to a large pot or garden.

Note: Before planting them outside, you need to keep some tips in your mind:

1) Harden off the tomato seedlings to prepare them for outdoor conditions.

2) Introduce them slowly to the elements which they will find outside.

3) Place them outside for a few hours a day and protect from wind and direct sun. Do this for almost 10 to 14 days.

4) To protect your seedlings from windier days, you can make a protective shield frame of plastic or purchase from any shop.

Prepare your garden bed:

Tomatoes need the sun to have fun! This veggie needs more sunlight to grow successfully. So, give your seedlings a touch of sun before putting them outside. When it’s time to put them in the garden, prepare the soil bed by adding Plantic Organic Liquid food.

Give them care

Every plant needs care, either it is starter or mature - just like human beings. So, provide them with all essentials, water and nutrients

When they are placed outside, make sure to water them daily. And, feed them with Plantic real plant food which contains all nutrients, proteins and minerals to promote rapid rooting. Also, keep a periodic test of soil to check its moisture level and note any signs of wilting.

Don’t forget to water them regularly to keep the soil moist and spread Plantic plant food love to your garden to do a successful Tomato gardening

Harvest Time:

These Juicy veggies will get ready in a period of 45 to 90 days after planting. Check their ripeness by determining their rich colours and a slight softness. Make sure, to keep a note of ripeness, don’t leave them too ripe because this will make them very soft. After harvesting, share this love to your beloved ones.

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