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Plantic Water Storing Crystals To Reduce Plants Water Stress

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Plantic Water Storing Crystals

Plantic Water Storing Crystals formulated by extensive research. Each ingredient is scientifically proven to hold the required amount of water in the soil and release the rest of it. Specially designed for gardeners who usually waterless, more, or confuse - how much to water? This foundation prevents over and underwatering, helping your plant grow quickly. The advanced crystals mix with soil to reduce the amount of watering needed and water stress in plants to protect them from heat and drought. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants.

Why Do Plants Need Water Storing Crystals?

Plants need water to go through all day, a recipe in the photosynthesis. But most of the time, people water more or less than the actual need of plant, lead to damage to the plants health. Excess water can rot the leaves, and less water makes the plant dry. That’s why it is important to water the right amount for healthy growth.

What Are Water Crystals?

These are super- absorbent micro-crystals, about the size of sugar crystal. They are just like sponges that hold a tremendous amount of moisture. It binds the water molecules with the crystal chain, making the crystal swell to absorb nutrients. These long chains of repeating molecules when mixed in a garden bed increase its water-holding capacity. Help to prevent the soil from baking sun heat and rotting.

Key Benefits of Water Storing Crystals

  • Absorb water and release it as needed.
  • Help protects soil from dryness by reducing the water stress.
  • Effectively reduce the water need.
  • The crystals swell when you water to absorb it and release later.

How to Use Plantic Water Storing Crystals?

1) Fill Container with Potting Soil: Fill the container with soil and make sure to leave 2-3 inches from the top of the container rim for water crystals.

2) Add Water Crystals: Now, fill the container with Plantic water storing crystals thoroughly into the soil. Also, leave 1-inch space between the top layer of potting mix and rim of container for water.

3) Add Plant: Dig enough space or hole for the Bonnie plant or seed and plant it. Fill the remaining space with soil. 

How To Use: Existing Containers?

If you want to add the water storing crystals in your existing crystals, you will need to make several holes in the soil around the plant with a stick or gardening tool. Be careful, while making holes, avoid the root area. Then, add the crystals according to the container size and mix with soil thoroughly. 

How To Use: In-Ground?

Plantic water storing crystals are effective for indoor and outdoor plants. Dig the ground soil where you want to plant and work the crystals evenly into the soil throughout the root zones. Use 7 teaspoons of crystals per 6-foot row.

When to Apply Water Storing Crystals?

Plantic Water Storing Crystal allows you to use it when planting new container plants, ground plants and even existing containers. 

For best results:

After a few hours of planting, water twice thoroughly to fully charge the water crystals.


Do not exceed the prescribed amount of crystals. This product is not recommended for use as a fertilizer substitute.


Keep out of reach of children. This product is slippery when wet and placed in an airtight container for disposal. Remove and flush the residue.


Our vision is to lay the foundation for sustainable and responsible plant growth and blooming products in the industry. We aim to curate formulations that are derived from natural minerals and organic matters and make it affordable for you.

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