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Top Tips To Harvest Rainwater

Save Water for Your Garden To Save The Future Of The Upcoming Generation.

How to Capture Your Rainwater?

All-natural processes in the earth recycle, including water. Then, why should we go back, we should come to recycle the water for our gardens - it is just like - “Feeding two birds with one scone. So, save water for a sustainable environment and green life. Today, I came with some easy and simple steps to harvest rainwater for a better future:

Divert your home’s downspout into a barrel, depending on landscaping needs you can use plastic, oak or self-made container. Or, purchase it from a nearby shop, online or garden centre to store water whenever it rains. You can also dig a trench nearby your house and cement it to harvest rainwater. You can also place some small utensils over the roof to store rainwater.

Tapping Your Rainwater

Drawing water from the rainwater storing container is very easy, follow the below process: Dip the water container into the barrel to pull the water from it. You can also buy a barrel which comes with a tap at the bottom, so attach a pipe and runs it to your garden. The water pressure in the barrel is enough to pump it through the hose, saving your energy.

Stepping Stones to Rain Savings

This is an effective method to water your plants. Make a stepping stone in the garden centre, made of pebbles covered with a mess of wire. When rain, it will drain through the porous surface of the pebbles and increases groundwater level.

Dig a Trench

Build swales or trenches dug perpendicular to the slope if you have slopes in the yard. The trenches size can vary from a few inches deep and wide to several feet deep and wide. This will help store the rainwater and allows you to use it any time for domestic or gardening purposes.

Use Plantic Water Storing Hydro Crystals

For large farms to small indoor gardens, this advanced formulation mixes with soil and helps hold water and release it as needed. Mix it with your soil before or after plantation to prevent it from over or under-watering. These crystals absorb rainwater and keep moisture into the soil.

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