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Tips To Grow A Snake Plant

Bored from common houseplants, try snake plants, guaranteed to attract you!

Well, usual houseplants are now not too much interested. Many people are trying the snake flavour - Snake Plants. This is not hard to grow, just go through below steps to grow it at your home.

  • Snake plants need low light, so place them in a spot where they get bright, but indirect light.
  • For plantation, fill the container with a mixture of fertile soil and Plantic Water Storing Crystals.
  • When the top 3 inches of soil bed looks dry, water them thoroughly.
  • Feed your plants with Plantic Organic IndoorDrop! Liquid Plant Food (follow the direction label).
  • Once the snake plant’s root comes out of the container or outgrown. Then, it’s time to divide it.

Snake plants come under succulent families with agave members in their family tree. They need a little care as their agave cousins. The best part: they have “forgiving” power - if you forget to water, it will not be angry. They don’t require much sunlight, with having very few needs this plant grows well and makes your home infused with its freshness. Yes, it indeed helps in air filtration. If you live in a city where you have to suffer pollution then, this plant is the best choice for you - feel the fresh breath, which helps to support your whole body. Not, just at home, it will also work in a stuffy office, so plant it on your desk and enjoy its exotic aroma. If you are beginning from indoor gardening of snake plants then, pick, upright and spiky one!. It will add more interesting texture than spider, ferns and palms.

Which Spot Is Perfect For a Snake Plant?

Well, you need a large space for snake gardening. Place it on an office desk or at home, choose a dark corner, like a living room. For a fresh breath and bit greening, it’s better to place it, where you spend most of your time. With a speciality of few needs, you need not give them direct light because it can burn its leaves. Prefer bright, indirect light if your is a variegated snake plant (green and yellow or white leaves) to preserve its colour. Sometimes variegated plants revert to green in very low light conditions. You can also grow it outdoors if you live in a shady zone.

Start To Plant A Snake Plant

  1. Purchase a container, choose any unused container which is no more than 1/3 larger than the root ball, make drainage holes. Be sure to choose a plastic container because snake plants grow aggressively. They can break terracotta pots.
  2. Now, fill the container with top-quality soil and leave a space of 2 inches from the top of the pot for Plantic Water Storing Crystals then mix it. It specially designed to help low water plants because it can absorb water and release it later.
  3. Make a space in the soil bed of the same size as the root ball. Place the plant in the container, be sure the root ball is about an inch below the pot top, left space used for watering. Fill in with potting mix around the plant to support your plant.
  4. After plantation, water your plants and let it drain. Set it on a tray or saucer and place it where you want

When To Water A Snake Plant?

Snake plants need not constantly moist soil, so do not overwater them. Before you water, be sure the top 3 inches of soil dried. When you are sure to water them, give them water thoroughly and let the plant drain.

Give Your Plants Mulch

After plantation, you need to enrich the soil Plantic Organic IndoorDrop! Liquid Plant Food - formulated for houseplants for rapid rooting and growth. Feed them after every seven days and after a month - give them Plantic Organic GreenDrop! Liquid plant food which strengthens the plants health and promotes greening. Help balance soil pH level and enhance beneficial microbes in the soil bed. You can also use Plantic Organic All-in-One Drop! Liquid Plant food or Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food. Both are formulated for all types of plants and support at all growth stages. Check out more about Plantic Fertilizer and follow its direction label.

Divide Your Snake Plant

When you care and feed your plants, they will grow quickly and even outgrow. When this happens, divide them. Remove the clump full and plant the replant section in the pot filled with a combination of top fertile soil and Plantic Fertilizer. And follow the same procedure again. Or you can also share it with your friends and neighbours. Spread it all around the dark corner of your home and feel fresh.

How To Care Snake Plants?

As we discussed earlier, snake plants are easier to grow so, the chances of any problem are few. But you will encounter some problems like if the leaves of variegated type turn all green ( it happens because they get less light). So, place them where they get more light. So, enjoy this attractive plant and grow it all around with its easy re-pot method.

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