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Easy Tips To Care Your Plants When You Are Away From Them

Best ways to complete your plants need when you are on holiday.

Plants are just like humans - they also need water and food besides sunlight to complete their routine tasks. Either your plant indoors or outdoors, you need to water them regularly and feed them according to the label direction to keep them happily growing.

Many times it happens when we have to go to an office meeting or a family holiday. At this time our plants don’t get what they need - that makes our plant upset. Also, it will be hard for you to leave them for some time. But thanks to Plantic, which comes with wonderful ideas to help you care your plants even when you are away from them.

First of all, know the best solution to feed your plants when you are on vacation with your family - Give your plants a drink of Plantic Organic Liquid Fertilizer.

Plantic organic plant foods are specially derived from extensive research under gardening experts to deliver the best fertilizer to your plants. It’s all ingredients are proven for its extreme benefits on plants.

It’s easy to use liquid formulation allows you to feed your plants. It powered with potent ingredients which enrich the soil with all essentials for one week. Means, you dont need to feed your plants regularly. Only feed them once a week. Choose the best fertilizer from Plantic Stock according to your plant.

  • For Starter Plants - Plantic Organic StartDrop! Liquid Plant Food.
  • For Mature Plants - Plantic Organic GreenDrop! Liquid Plant Food.
  • For Flowering Plants - Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid Plant Food.
  • For Houseplants - Plantic Organic InDrop! Liquid Plant Food.
  • For All Types Of Plants - Plantic Organic AllDrop! Liquid Plant Food.
  • For Hydroponic Plants - Plantic Hydroponic! Liquid Plant Food.

Pick the best from the above list according to your plants needs. It is made, with all-natural ingredients which are safe for plant health. Every product has special benefits as their name suggest besides it has some common benefits also - they are as follows:

  • Feed The Plants Instantly.
  • Spreads uniformly in soil and water.
  • Develops resistance against pests and disease.
  • Promote quick growth and rapid rooting.
  • Helps balance soil pH level.
  • Contains real organic ingredients for real plants.
  • Enrich the soil with all essentials.

All above benefits make Plantic - Best Organic Fertilizer. Now, move to plants water need - All plants require water daily except few. When you are at home, you can give them water regularly. But when you are away from home - how you maintain the soil moisture to protect dryness and wilting? Here also, Plantic brings an effective solution for you.

Plantic Water Storing Crystals are the best solution to your woes. When you are going to plant, mix these microcrystals thoroughly in the garden according to its label direction. These crystals are proven to hold the required amount of water in the soil and release the rest of it. So when you are on a small vacation - it will help you keep moist in soil bed. It is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor plants. Plus, it will also help prevent over and under watering, making simple for you to do gardening. So, when you are going to plant, cover the soil layer with these miracle crystals. The best part is - you can also use these crystals after plantation. Know more about this product at Plantic.

So, know enjoy your gardening and go on your small leave without worrying about your beloved plants, just give them Plantic dose.

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