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Salad Project: How to grow your favourite greens and herbs?

Stand out with the super-simple way to grow a salad indoors.

Waiving in the garden of herbs makes you lose in the taste of nature love. But this is not possible for all time; especially when the garden is far away from your house. So, why are you not making fun at home by planting some fresh, delicious greens? The all-new solution of Plantic comes with an ingenious formulation that helps you grow your salad indoors.

Talking about growing indoor plants may make you think for a while. But don’t worry, this is not as difficult as it is looking. By following some easy instructions, you can taste the love and benefits of nature in the house. So, from now, you can make yourself lost in the garden of herbs, just sitting in your living room. This beautiful idea spreads its natural creation all over the house and makes your house more decorative.

Using Plantic advanced real plant food, your plant gets each essential required to become mature. This simple equation of blend nurtures the young plants and promotes growth, making it simple for you to do gardening. When these plants grow enough, replace them with a new one. Save the old one and plant it in any garden or a big vessel.

How to plant your favourites in a small unit?

A step by step instruction to grow your flavorful salad:

Step 1

Choose any one plants for salad project from the following:









Swiss chard



You can also go for another choice, select the best combo which you like, and make this salad indoor more attractive.

Step 2

Purchase a pot or vessel of your own choice according to your home space. Fill the pot with soil and place your loving flowers in it. Arrange these flowers or herbs to make them decorative.

Step 3

Add our supreme Plantic liquid Fertilizer with water and drench the soil around the plant.

These starter plant foods give a quick growth to your Bonnie plants.

Note: For better plant health, place them where they can get enough sunlight. And water them lightly. Repeatedly feed your plants after every 2-4 weeks. Don’t overdose the plants with fertilizer.

If you have grown new plants, then use Plantic StartDrop liquid fertilizer. Its advanced formulation promotes quick growth and rapid rooting.

If you have already mature plants, then feed them with Plantic GreenDrop food that is specially blended to maintain the plant health and balance the soil pH.

Use Plantic BloomDrop, if you want to grow flowering plants. It promotes rapid growth and prolonged flowering.

For Household plants, use our special blend, Plantic Indoor liquid fertilizer. It feeds the plants and provides all essentials required for quick and healthy growth.

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