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How To Grow Poinsettias/Christmas Flower

Know more about the most popular holiday plant.

This amazing flower makes your surroundings infused with natural goodness. The vibrant colour of the poinsettia attracts you and makes your environment more talkative. Grow this flower in your garden or indoor and enjoy its freshness. Here are some tips which help you during plantation.

The Glamorous Petals

Poinsettias/Christmas flowers have more than hundreds of varieties available. So, not just red any more - the traditional colour associated with flowers. Poinsettias are available in many eye-catching shades of red, pink, creamy white salmon, orange and various speckled or marbled colours. The plant has coloured portions which are modified leaves (Called Bracts). These bracts surround the cyathia (tiny yellowish-green flowers). Poinsettias have true leaves which are below the bracts and usually dark green (some are variegated).

Choose The Best Poinsettia

Christmas flowers are very pretty available you everywhere - garden centres, home decor stores and grocery shops. Search for a plant for your garden which has healthy, bright colour flowers. But make sure the plant has unopened centre flowers. Do not purchase the plants, which are packed in paper or plastic shelves for displaying purposes because they will deteriorate quickly as you bring them in your home.

They need some care - protect them from temperatures below 50 degrees. So put this thing in your mind while you are on Christmas shopping. Take a routine check up of the flowers. If the plant looks upset, then feed them with the organic plant food.

Give Your Poinsettias Healthy Food

If you provide the right care to this Christmas flower - they can live well into the new year. Do not expose this plant to cold or hot days. Give your poinsettia a daily touch of a bright, sunny spot in a room temperature of 65-70 degrees. Water them whenever they need to keep the soil moist but not soaking wet. Use Plantic Water Storing Crystals during or after plantation- helps prevent over and under watering and reduce water stress in plants. Make sure to hole in the decorative Poinsettias flower pot so water can drain away from the container. Check the soil regularly, if its top layer of looks dry, then water them accordingly. Give your plants a boost of Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid Plant Food; specially formulated for flowering plants for super bloom. Obtained with proven ingredients to develop resistance against pests and disease and maintains the soil pH balance.

This few easy step helps you enjoy the Christmas flower bloom with just a little effort. Don’t forget to water Poinsettia according to the need and feed them with all-natural fertilizer - Plantic Organic! Liquid Plant Food.

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