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How To Grow Melons

The best way to start gardening with melon before the heat picks up.

Here are some basics and needs for planting melon, so do care about these things while gardening.

  • Begins from bonnie plants to give your gardening a fast growth.
  • Start melon plantation when the ground temperatures are above 70° F.
  • Before planting, amend your soil with Plantic Organic StartDrop! Liquid Plant Food. It will enrich the soil with micro-nutrients better for watermelon growth.
  • After one month when soil lacks key nutrients, start feeding them with Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Fertilizer for rapid growth. It enriches the soil again with vital elements and develops resistance against pests and disease.
  • To ensure successful fruit production, pollinate melons with hand.
  • Before harvesting, test for ripens.

Enjoy the beautiful harvest. Use this cool, delicious, and nutrient-packed melon slice in salads, side dishes and lighten picnics. It is an easy way to grow your fruit and learn how to self-pollinate plants.

Become a Honeybee: Pollinate Melons

To get a jumpstart on growth, start from young melon plants instead of seeds. It will help you get the harvest much faster and makes it easier for you to care. Melons should spread their vines through the garden and flowering by mid-summer. The first bloom of melon will be dominated by male flowers, and identify female flowers by their tiny bulge of fruit growing at the base. Females flower open for a short time - even in some melons it comes only for a day. So when you see a female flower open, pluck the male flower. Strip the petals and swab the pollen-coated anther onto the stigma structure inside the female flowers. To do this, you need to check your melons every morning. Pollinate in the morning as melon flowers are most receptive to pollination in the day.

Feed And Care Your Melons

All melon types are heavy feeders. To feed your plants, you need to improve the soil quality by mixing Plantic Water Storing Crystals with top fertile soil. It helps to reduce water stress in plants. Then, plant the melon seed or bonnie plant. Drench the soil with Plantic Organic StartDrop! Liquid Plant Food. After a month, feed the plants periodically with Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid fertilizer. Specially formulated to promote flowering and fruiting. These water-soluble nutrition granules enrich the soil with all essentials and aids in rapid rooting and growth. Also, it benefits in maintaining the soil pH balance. And don’t forget to water them. Give them a dink whenever they look upset or dry. In warm months, feed them heavy mulch that helps to store water moisture in the soil bed.

Harvesting Melons

It’s sometimes very difficult when to pick melons. Muskmelon, the most common variety of netted melons and also known as cantaloupe. Ripe ones has some give whereas unripe melon not at all. Melons are ripe when their skin is dull, not shiny. Once appears slight changes in fruit colour. When you feel all this, pick the watermelon and share this with your family members and friends.

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