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How To Do Houseplants Care?

Give your plants your love with all these simple steps for their long life.

To care for your plants, you need to go through this article to give your love to these infants. Follow the below steps:

Before planting, know more about the plant and what kind of soil it needs. Then, plant it in the required and fertile soil properly.

All plants light to grow, either directly or indirectly. So, place them according to the plant where they get plenty of light.

Water your plants regularly in the morning with room temperature water. But before that, check the top layer of soil to check the moisture content, and water accordingly. To grow effectively, plants need nutrients. Feed them with Plantic Organic! Liquid fertilizer periodically.

Some environmental factors may damage the plant leaves. So prone your plants to keep them fresh.

Houseplants are not just for decorative purposes, but their major benefit is - to clean or filter the surrounding area to give you fresh breath, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep. But as humans - they also need love, attention and care. Give your daily love in the following way for their fruitful health- making them happy again.

Choose Plants That Suit Your Space

The most important thing for houseplants is sunlight, but in an apartment which is north facing it is almost difficult to give the plants touch of the sun. You need the help of bright lamps in the apartment. But don’t worry, you can have other options too - there are some plants which need less light (Search for these plants and know more about them). If you have a good setup or garden, then choose the best possible plants that suit the tropical environment and do well in this setting, not occasionally. So, all you need to do is choose the right plant, which perfectly suits the environment where you want to place it. Buy indoor plants from a nearby garden centre and read its tag to know - is it matching with your needs?

Start With The Right Soil

Different plants have different needs like cacti need soil, which has well drainage property and African violets like slightly acidic soil. Not every plant suits the same environment, soil. A house plant needs complete care that other plants get in the garden. So, know more about the plant you are going to grow and its need. Then, accordingly, make the potting mix to make your plant grow well. Whatever you choose to grow, feed them with Plantic Organic StartDrop!Plant food formulated with natural proteins that nurture the soil and make it beneficial for plant growth. Follow the below steps:

Purchase a container or make self-crafted. Make sure that it has enough size of holes for perfect drainage.

Place the seed or Bonnie Plant into the soil in that manner that it properly contacts with soil and let some space between the topsoil and rim of the container for water. Water thoroughly according to the need.

Feed your plants with real and organic plant food - Plantic!

Know When and How Much to Water

Watering is important for plants, but watering the correct is most important. Some people overdose the plants with water or some do less, both damage the plant health. Excess water rotts the plant and less water dry the plant. When it comes for houseplants - indoors generally tend to be drier. So, its important to keep moisture on the soil surface for indoor greenery. Before watering, it is needed to check the soil moisture content with the help of your fingertips or screw (Sicking your fingers or screw into the soil, if it goes easily that means the soil is moisturized). Use a long neck water container so you can easily water the whole plan, focusing on roots. Always use room temperature water because cold or hot both lead to damage to plant health. Water enough so that some amount of water comes out of the hole into the tray or saucer underneath. After an hour, remove the tray water so that your plant is not over saturated (Plants don’t like wet bottom). For best results, water in the morning to keep them moisturized for all day. To ensure that your soil will not become dry because it can rot the plant roots, check the moisture regularly. Know more about the soil type. If it is clay soil then, drench it in two types because this soil has less absorbing power that can make you feel it is watered enough, but the reality is not the same. You can also go for little moos, mulch or pebbles - place them around the base of the plant.

Plants water needs may vary from season to season. Even though the house temperature is almost stable, the need still varies. Every plant does well in every season. Most of the plants tend to grow more rapidly in spring and summer whereas slow down in winter and fall. So, know more about your plant requirement and water it only when required.

While watering keeps in mind to pour the right amount of water. Avoid over-watering. Plants need hydration, but in the case of houseplants, the need is slightly less. Excess watering can lead to blockage of airflow which makes the root rot. Many people make the same mistake - pour too much water which tends to be the reason for yellowing leaves, wilting, or drooping. If you see these symptoms, then don’t ignore them, immediately take action to prevent them from drying, after all, it is your love! Create a feeding schedule and do necessary pruning.

Plants need nutrients then they are getting from the soil. Feed them regularly so that your plant doesnt get hungry and to help keep them growing. When it comes to your lovely plants - choose an all-rounder and real plant food. Plantic Organic! Fertilizer is an excellent and favourite food for plants. For houseplants use Plantic Organic IndoorDrop! & for outdoor use Plantic Organic GreenDrop. All products enriched with natural minerals that are scientifically proven to promote quick growth and greening. Its liquid formulation spreads uniformly to feed the constant amount of nutrients and prevent from plant-disease causing agents. Also, balance the soil pH and enhance the beneficial microbe.

Clean, Groom, or Prune

After some days of the plantation, plants get affected by environmental pressure or agents. All you need to decor your plants depending on your houseplants. Just needed a little polishing and pruning to refresh your dry upset plants. Monstera deliciosa get light dust now and then, wipe its leaves with a damp cloth or a feather duster. For Boston ferns need pruning when their leaves get dry up, so go with your scissors and cut or clip off the affected part. Other plants, like pothos - you can make it a little bushier (if you like) by a little re-shaping. For other plants, read out their needs, and what they like to be. And decor them accordingly because every plant does not like re-shaping or pruning

All our motto is doing care about your plants to make your whole surrounding hang out in the super bloom that invites various natural creatures to shelter over there, giving a loving environment where you and your family can have fun. Do not forget to feed your plants with all Plantic Organic products that care for your plant health and help keep the environment green. Check out all Plantic Organic! Liquid fertilizer to give your plants a boost of nutrients and minerals that will help them grow fruitfully to make this planet shine with evergreen herbs.

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