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Health Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes

If you are one of the lovers of cherry tomatoes or seeking a diet that gives you health benefits, then you reach a right destination. 

The best thing about these cherry tomatoes is their health benefits and lips- smacking taste. You can hardly resist this small red cherry tomato, so add this delicious and nutritious food to your regular food.

Here are some of the benefits of cherry tomato:


Many recent studies and research shows that tomatoes are anti-carcinogenic. They have abundant vitamin C, which helps fight cancer cells. Also, tomatoes are a rich source of Beta-carotene, Melatonin, and Lycopene all have anti-carcinogenic properties. Moreover, tomatoes are better for male’s as it promotes wellness of prostate, which is often prone to cancer.

Blood Pressure And Heart Functionality

The best thing about these tomatoes is their beneficiary for high blood pressure patients as they are rich in potassium. Also, inscribed with vitamins help prevent cardiovascular diseases, like arrhythmia and maintain good heart condition.

Cherry Tomatoes for Weight Loss

Whenever your tummy feels hungry, don’t go for fried food and sugar, change your plates with cherry tomatoes. As 100 grams of cherry tomatoes have 20 to 30 calories (may vary with size and quantity) and are very low in cholesterol, saturated fats, and sodium. It is an ideal diet for those who want to keep their waistline in check, as the water and high fibre content makes you feel full with optimum calorie intake.

Full of Vitamins And Nutrients

Cherry tomatoes are a perfect vegetable (technically a fruit) for those who seek a healthy nutritional and delicious diet. Tomatoes have Alpha-Tocopherol, a great source of vitamin E, and rich in magnesium, phosphorus, folate, B6, copper, potassium, vitamin A, C and K.

Immunity and Beauty

Besides their health benefits, tomatoes are helpful for skin and immune health. As they have vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant used in various beauty care hair and skin products. Also, Lycopene in tomatoes acts as a sunblock and helps protect the skin naturally from the sun. Perfect for those who have oily skin, apply it to the face to prevent pimples and acne. Vitamin A in tomatoes helps promote hair growth and reduce hair fall, promoting your hair health.

Difference between tomatoes and cherry tomatoes

Tomatoes are the main ingredients of Indian dishes, the base of all the sauces and gravies. Tomatoes have a lot of varieties, cherry tomatoes are one of them. Cherry tomatoes found a special place in our diet and heart, known for their unique taste and high nutritional level.

One of the major differences between cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes is their size. Regular tomatoes are bigger than cherry tomatoes. Plus, regular tomatoes are a little tangy flavour, whereas cherry tomatoes are sour. The little tomato used as a snack item as it is crunchier and juicy from the inside.

Coming to the nutritional value of cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes, they are comparable. So, whatever you eat regular or cherry, you will get similar nutrients.
Cherry tomatoes are a great food in every sense, so it’s time to take all the benefits which a tomato offers.

Eating cherry tomatoes is not enough, ensuring the fresh is more important. As you know, it is very difficult to find a fresh and pure veggie. The food you find in grocery shops lost its freshness while travelling across the country. So, why not grow your garden with fresh tomatoes. If you finding it difficult then, here are all your answers. Read out this blog - Growing Tomatoes From Seed!

Start your organic gardening today and taste the fresh one.
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