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Growing Pole Beans

The best way to grow this veggie!

Native soil does not contain all essentials required to grow a plant. You need to enrich the soil with all these constituents. So, always remember to drench your soil with advanced Plantic Organic Liquid Fertilizer to enhance its performance.

To plant pole beans, you need to just follow these simple steps:

1) To make your beans climb, build 6-8 foot tripods.

2) Sow the pole beans 2-3 inches apart after the last spring frost.

3) When your pole beans reach 4 inches tall, then add Plantic Organic Seed-Starter liquid fertilizer to promote rapid natural growth.

4) Regularly feed them with water & plant food to complete their requirement.

5) After 60-65 days, your pole beans are ready to harvest.

5) After 60-65 days, your pole beans are ready to harvest.

How to overcome these complications? Here I bring some easy way to make gardening simple for you:

Which one to grow Pole or Bush Beans?

Both are two styles of beans. But how to choose one from them? Before picking one from them, let’s check the features of both:

Pole Beans are rich in nutrients and easier to grow than Bush beans. Bush beans grow on the ground and take more space whereas, pole beans grow upward on string, poles and take less space. Plus, you only have to plant pole beans once in the spring to have tasty, fresh veggie all summer. After that, they will produce continuously once they start bearing pods.

So if you want to add flavour and save space, choose Pole beans to get the best harvest.

Amend Your Soil

It is a major factor which affects the growth of the plant. Every plant needs special nutrients to grow effectively, but the soil does not have all. So, you need to enrich it with true plant food. Plantic Organic plant food is the best fertilizer which gives you significant results instantly. This all-purpose food feeds instantly, promotes rapid rooting, balances soil pH, enhances beneficial microbes and develops resistance against plant disease-causing agents. Check out all Plantic! Real food.

Best Way to Sow Pole Seeds

Build 6-8 feet tall tripods with the help of 3 poles fastened together near the top. And place three to five seeds 2 to 3 inches apart around each pole.

Eliminate the Bad!

Weeds are the unwanted plants which can damage your beans health by absorbing all nutrients from the soil. Remove all the weeds with their roots, so they did not come again. Give your plants a boost of organic fertilizer with water to promote their growth and keep moisture on the soil surface, especially during flowering and fruiting.

Regularly Feed Your Beans

Plants need extra care to grow effectively. Feed them with their favourite food Plantic Organic!. All Plantic food comes with premium and scientifically proven grade ingredients, which organically do it’s work and gives fruitful results. They enrich the soil with edible nutrients every week throughout the growing season. Drench the soil around the plant with a mixture of water and fertilizer.

Harvest at Right Time

Pole beans will be ready for harvest in 60-65 days of planting. Pinch the pods off because they will continue to produce handfuls of 7 to 12 inch long beans until frost. And carefully cut the pods to avoid uprooting plants that are still producing. Always pick the fresh beans at least every day for optimum tenderness.

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