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Easy Steps To Grow Bromeliads

Choose an exotic lovable Bromeliad for the office or bedroom to feel like a garden house, making you fall in love with this flower!

Growing Bromeliads is not so easy, but if you follow the below steps it will be like snapping the fingers. This soothing flower makes your house more pretty, making you very close to nature and fill you with its natural love.

Purchase Bromeliads seeds or Bonnie plants. It’s better to go for Bonnie because they need less care.

Place the seed or Bonnie plant in a purchased container or self-crafted filled with fertile soil. Make sure the container is of the correct size that allows the roots to extend rapidly. Now give them a boost of Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid plant food that is obtained from natural ingredients to promote rapid rooting and super bloom. Water them thoroughly to keep the moisture on the soil surface. Do not overdose the plants with water.

Bromeliads need bright but indirect light to grow effectively. So, place the plant indoors where it gets plenty of light or in summer move them to cooler regions. Set a time table according to the label direction of fertilizer to feed them with their favourite food- Plantic! And water them whenever it feels dry (Sink your fingertips in the soil to check moisture).

Break off pups and help root them to grow more bromeliad flowers.

Well, you have eaten many times a pineapple - it is a bromeliad flower. Spanish moss is also an interesting type of bromeliad that gives the citys distinctive look. Growing pineapples, bromeliads or Spanish moss, you need to be aware of some more things which will help you to solve problems while gardening. This interesting flower makes your garden beautiful with its captivating essence. Bromeliads, another type of Air Plants, need completely different care, so we don’t go for it. You will find wild red and yellow leaves or big pink flowers at grocery stores or garden centres, buy one from them and plant it in your indoor or garden. And then, follow these steps while doing gardening to grow it successfully.

Bromeliads are great for indoors and office areas with their beautiful nature. Its super bloom makes your environment talk and will be home for several creatures, but you need to know more about this flower to grow them fruitfully.

How to Choose Bromeliads?

Choices of Bromeliads will differ from area to area according to the climatic conditions. There are some areas where you will find a slim choice while on the other side you will get more choices. But don’t worry - they all are gorgeous, all you do is choose a one which suits your senses and place it in your garden.

Where to Grow Bromeliads

Bromeliads require bright and indirect light, whether it planted outside or inside. Don’t place them where sunlight directly falls because this will damage their health and burn their leaves. But also, don’t put them in a dark corner. Bromeliads which are not getting enough light will grow long, floppy, green leaves, but with little trademark colour. If you see this is happening with your plants, place your plant right away to an area, where they get plenty of light that will help the colour to return.

If you are staying in a region where the nighttime temperature goes above 60 degrees, place them inside to outside because it can not bear too much heat or summer. You can do another thing - placing them inside a protected area or sheltered (hardening off) for a few days that will help the plants used to the changing environment. After a few days, place them outside where they do well in presence of morning sun. But keep them inside or protect from the shield during the afternoon because this will bake your plants.

How to Plant Bromeliads in Containers?

Before planting Bromeliads, you need to aware of these things which will help your plants to grow effectively:

Choose a well-drained pot or make a pot which has multiple drainage systems. And also it is no more than 1/3 larger than the root ball of the plant.

Well-drained soil is more effective for healthy growth. Fill the pot with 1/3 full of the fertile potting mix which is enriched with nutrients required for Bromeliads growth. If your plants are suffering or already suffered from pests, then use Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid food, formulated especially for blooming plants that prevent pest attack. It did not contain any compost or bark which can shelter the pests.

Now, place the Bromeliad inside the potting mix in the manner that the top of the root ball is about 3/4 to 1 inch below the rim of the pot. This left space is for watering. And, fill in around the root ball with a potting mix.

Pour water thoroughly on the plant, focusing on its root. Place it in a tray or saucer and move it to its new home where it will get enough or indirect light.

How to Water Bromeliads?

Bromeliad has a centre cup formed by their leaves, and that is where you have to water them. Fill the cup with - distilled water or rainwater because they are better for their health. Normal tap water contains minerals and chemicals which are not suitable for these sensitive flowers.

They need room temperature water, so don’t pour hot or cold water. Dump the water out of the plant after every 10 days and refill it with fresh water. Be careful while they are blooming, do not overdose them with water because it can lead to rotting. And make sure to pour enough water to keep the soil moist, so the roots don’t dry out (Check it with your fingertips).

Feed your plants whenever the top layer of soil looks dry.

How to Feed Bromeliads?

Many harmful insects or leaves, flowers, decomposing material can drop into the cup of flower and harm their health. The plant will need extra support from outside because the soil does not contain all essentials required for plant growth. So, feed your Bromeliads plant with Plantic Organic! Liquid fertilizer. It’s ready to use formula, feed your plants instantly and nurture the soil bed. Its natural micronutrients are beneficial for microbes growth which will further add more nutrients to the soil. Its liquid formulation spreads uniformly in the soil and balances the soil pH level to promote the soil health, even for the next crop. Its fast-acting ingredients promote rapid rooting and super bloom organically. Its supernatural protein promotes quick growth; effective for indoor as well as outdoor plants. So, set a time table or reminder and feed them once in a week to get astonishing results. Do not overdose the plant with fertilizer, follow the direction label of fertilizer.

What to Do When Your Bromeliad Blooms?

Many types of Bromeliads won’t flower, but if you see any blooming. In this case, you will need to remove the flowering stalks after the bloom fades. Cut down as close to the plant as you can with scissors or fingertips. Once a Bromeliad has flowered, the mother plant will slowly start to die after producing the babies, called pups. Before she dies, you can either divide them up or leave them in the container to replace the mother. To do this, carefully break off the pups and put them in another small potting mix- containing fertile soil and Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Real plant food. Water them thoroughly and place it in bright indirect light. This will help you to grow a new family of Bromeliad and repeat this cycle to have a garden of Bromeliad from one flower!

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