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Best Tips To Grow A Money Plant

Whether these plants make you rich or not, but it sure it will make your surrounding green.

Well growing a money tree makes money or not, its a matter of your hard work. But it has a talkative nature which attracts you and makes your house or office more attractive. You have seen it everywhere from home to office, it sure will be a better centrepiece for your living room or where you want. Here are some tips which will help you to grow a Money Plant.

Short Description - About Money Tree Needs

  • Money plants need well-drained soil.
  • Need bright but indirect light and keep away from drafty areas and vents.
  • Be sure the soil is dry down between two consecutive waterings.
  • During the summer and spring months, feed them regularly.
  • Prune if needed or keep it shaped like a bonsai one.
  • To give money plant, a signature looks, braid it from the bottom.
You often see it as a houseplant, but this money plant has a tall variety too. In many areas, many money trees can grow up to 60 feet tall. However, being a sign of prosperity, you will find this plant in almost every house in India. But, before you move to your garden to grow this plant, learn more about this tropical plant.

For indoor money plants, you can treat it like a bonsai and prune to give it a pretty shape regularly. Let the plant grow up to 8 feet or according to your space. It is sometimes often called a monetary plant, strategically many people believe growing a money plant in a house or office will lead to good fortune, but we cant promise you, sorry. But grow this plant at your home for green surroundings with just a little care.

How To Plant A Money Plant?

Before you start plantation, ensure your soil bed is perfect for its growth. Use Plantic Potting Mix - enriched with essential nutrients and all-natural compost with good well-draining capacity. Its potent mixture often enjoyed by plants, and they like to sit on it. Do not forget to keep your plant in a good condition and change the potting mix after every 2 years with a fresh one and give your plants a slightly larger home.

Where To Grow A Money Plant?

With a bright, indirect light money trees can do well. Place them where they get plenty of light but do not put them just in front of sun rays. If you feel the leaves scorched, its getting too much sun, so place them at a different spot. And on the other hand, yellowing leaves means it is not getting proper light so place accordingly. Do not put them in vents or drafty areas where the temperature often fluctuates. And also make sure, to not replace them regularly, only, when it is needed.

How To Water A Money Plant?

You often notice money trees like humidity. Place yours in a bathroom where they can get proper light. You can put them filled with pebbles and water beneath the pot, or spray water lightly when they look dry or upset. Or, place it in a nearby humidifier (if you have it). When you see, its time to water, then water them deeply, focusing on their roots. Be sure before you water next time, the top 2 inches of soil dry down.

How To Feed A Money Plant?

As the name suggests Money plant, you need to give them extra importance, so that its foliage lush all year. Feed them with their favourite Plantic Organic GreenDrop! Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer. It contains all-natural nutrients which are needed, for better growth and greening than unfed. It promotes essential microbes in the soil bed and spreads uniformly to provide a consistent amount of nutrients to your plants. If you like to grow it in a water medium (hydroponic system) then, it’s best to give them a dose of Plantic Organic Hydroponic Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer. Drench the soil or water around plants with a mixture of 5 ml of Plantic Food and 1 litre of water, after every 7 days.

How To Prune A Money Plant?

Everyone wants their plants to be in shape just like them; especially in the case of money trees. Just do a simple pruning, remove any dead or unwieldy branches if needed. If you like bonsai look then, trim off the top leaves once you think its time to prune. Do heavy pruning, if possible, in winters when the plant grows very slowly.

How To Braid A Money Plant?

Beside wealth and prosperity, its beautiful braided trunk attracts many people. If you purchase from a garden centre, there is a possibility that it comes with a braided pattern. So, continue the pattern as it grows and prune it back when you feel.

If you are planning, to grow a money plant through seed or a new starter plant then, you need to self braid. Dont worry its not as difficult as it is looking. Its manageable and in your hand. Just wait till at least 3 stems are grown more than 14 inches and flexible. Be sure to keep the braid slightly loose to avoid snapping. Begin from the bottom and end when you reach the leaves. Grab string or twine, and tie it loosely around the top to hold the braid in place. And, here your done braiding.

Most money plants that are braided will likely grow straight and vertical. To make sure the money plant will stay balanced when it matures, attach it to 2 stakes in the soil, placed opposite each other. After a few months of growth, remove the stakes and string around the top. Just give them care and they will grow on its own now.

How To Grow More Money Plants?

Share this outstanding plant with your beloved ones. Cut at least a 6-inch section of the branch which has 2 -3 leaves. Plant it in a container filled with Plantic Potting Mix and keep the soil moist. If you dont have regular time to water your plants then its better to mix thoroughly with cocopeat or Plantic Water Storing Crystals - helps reduce water stress in plants and absorb water and release it as needed.
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