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Best Harvesting Tools And Equipment In Agriculture

After a lot of effort and care, a farm or garden is ready for harvest. Every gardener waits for this day when they get the result of their hard work. Harvesting is an art that is not a right-handed game for everyone. All you need to do is be a master on it.

Choosing the right way to harvest it is important to save your time and crop.

Besides using efficient harvesting tools and equipment, you need to remember some points in mind.
Harvest when the producing attain ideal maturity to get beneficial nutrition and flavour.
Its better to harvest in the early morning when the fruits and vegetables are likely to be cool and offer better handling.
Vegetables are alive even after harvest. They continue to respire and break down cellular materials that provide energy.
The vegetable quality will deteriorate after harvest.
Store the fresh harvest in a proper location away from sunlight.
The time of harvest varies from type of vegetables and fruit and season to season. Even depends on a particular kind of plant cultivar.
To minimize decaying, avoid damaging the vegetables and bruising.
Store vegetables in cool areas which have waterproof, waxy skin. Treat them in ice water to eliminate the vegetable heat coming at the time of harvest.

Now, you are familiar with how and when to harvest. Let’s learn about the 5 best gardening tools and equipment used in agriculture.

1. Pyramid Double Edge Sickle:

Pyramid double edge sickle is one of the best gardening tools, which is a must for every gardener. It helps remove harmful weeds and most importantly harvesting crops. If you look at its sharp blade and firm wooden handle, it is unmatched. It allows the gardener to remove all the weeds and harvest his/her produce effectively.
It is best suitable for all plants; especially Odomos, herbs and lemongrass.

2. Fruit Harvest Blade with Nylon Net:

To get safe lofty fruits, use a fruit harvest blade with a nylon net. The best part is it can be attached to a pole that allows access to the upper branches of a fruit tree. It is a lightweight and highly efficient device that makes it simple for you to harvest and collect fruits. Made with carbon steel blades, which makes it easier for you to harvest fruits like mangoes and apples and quickly harvest your produce. Plus, the nylon net ensures, plucking the flowers without cut, damage and bruising.

3. Concorde Flora 5 Secateur:

Concorde Flora 5 Secteur has strong snips and sharp blades. It helps you to cut through the shrubs and young tree small branches. It is also used to harvest small garden produce, like pumpkins (large vegetables with thick stalks) and peaches, grapes. Also, helpful for dealing with spent flowers.

4. Pyramid Curved Knife:

This gardening tool comes with a pyramid curved knife, designed with precision. It has a high carbon steel blade with a firm wooden handle. It ensures the fruit and vegetable are harvested safely without damaging its crown. It is very productive and user-friendly. Its firm handle, allows you to grip it better, which eliminates the risk of the tool slipping from your hand.

5. Green Seasons Straight Blade Cutter D-Handle:

This tool is highly useful for twigs, stems, and thinning leaves. Its carbon steel also allows you to harvest fruits, vegetables, and flowers. With its firm D-handle, it makes you comfortably harvest the produce.
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