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Benefits of Houseplants

Healthy Plants, Healthy Air

Why do you need indoor plants?

Growing plants in the house have multiple benefits on you and your environment. Everyone wants to breathe fresh air, but this pollution does not make us to do this. But, you can do one thing - grow plants inside your house. Don’t worry, if you have less space, you can grow vertical gardens. These indoor plants refresh your room air and give you fresh air. Many research shows that some houseplants purify the air to improve its quality. Use Plantic Organic IndoorDrop Liquid fertilizer, specially formulated to promote growth & greening of houseplants.

How Plants Improve Air Quality?

Increasing pollutants harm our environment and us. Growing plants helps you breathe the fresh! Paint, cosmetic, building materials and other chemicals can pollute your house environment. These toxins can cause sickness, fatigue, allergic reactions in humans. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Many studies show that indoor plants can remove more than 80% of house air pollutants.

Best Houseplant

Many researchers conclude that planting one plant per 100 square feet of the living area helps provide the optimum filtering effect. Even if you grow a few plants, you can improve the house environment. But make sure to plant where you spend more time.

Plants like - snake plant, Chinese evergreen, English ivy, palms, spider plant, Pothos, peace lily and dracaenas. All these plants are effective in removing air pollutants from surrounding. Use anyone plant and use Plantic Indoor! Natural plant food that organically gives stunning results.

Air is life

Its true if plants are healthy, then air will also be healthy. So, start planting to live in the fresh air and ensure a healthy surrounding for the coming generation. Vigorous growing plants are more effective in cleansing the air, if you have a garden or park, then plant more and large trees. Ensure to water them daily and feed them with Plantic all-natural real plant food according to the label. Your single steps towards your environment, helps you get fresh air which will aid in you and your beloved ones healthy life.

How to Plant Indoor Plants?

By following these easy steps, you will make your house refresh with the sweet aroma of plants:

1) Pick out any plants from the above list.

2) Purchase or make a self-crafted container.

3) Fill it with fertile soil.

4) Place the seed inside the soil. Make sure the seed has enough contact with soil bed.

5) Water the soil. Be careful while watering them, not pour extra water than their actual need.

6) Feed them with Plantic Organic! Food to ensure natural growth and resistance against plant disease.

7) Place the container away from direct sunlight to protect the seedling. But place them few hours a day in the presence of daylight.

8) Water them regularly and feed the plant to provide them with all essentials.

9) In this manner, your plant will grow after a certain period and effectively helps in-room air filtration.

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