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Best 8 Beautiful Blooming Indoor Plants

Decor home with these gorgeous petals

Everyone wants to reinvent their home with renovation or decoration. Simple floral decoration can make your home revive again. If you have never tried this or have faced a lot of failures, then don’t worry. We have created a list of some gorgeous flowers with easy tips to grow them. So, from now onwards, plant which one you like without any fear of failure. Just like humans - plants also need food periodically. So when you select the flower, plant it and give them a boost of Plantic Organic Indoor! Liquid fertilizer. Obtained from natural nutrients and minerals to enrich the soil with all essentials. Its fast-acting ingredients feed your plants instantly and help balance the soil pH level. And, help make your plant develop resistance against pest attack. Also, do not forget to mix Plantic Water Storing Hydro Crystals into the soil. It helps absorb water and release it as needed to keep soil moisture.

Fall in love with these 8 flowering houseplants:

1) Amaryllis

Sometimes the houseplants are supposed to bloom but dont. If you are facing, the same problem, then move to Amaryllis. It is easy to grow bulbs makes it easier for you to fill your home with bold flowers. It has trumpet-like flowers comes in a full spectrum of white, pink, red hues, which can reach up to several inches in diameter. Enlighten your home with this gorgeous flower. Purchase bulbs in the fall of your choice colour and plant in a cool room with indirect light. Most people treat it as an annual, but they can be kept, for multiple growing seasons. So, know more about this flower to learn how to extend their life.

2) Oxalis

Oxalis is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Oxalidaceae. This genus comes with hundreds of species which have tones of sizes, shapes, colours. You have often seen it at grocery stores. After some days of the plantation, the plant will produce tiny, tubular flowers. This flower has very little need that makes it perfect for indoors - it requires a variety of light to do well. But do not overwater because it will make the plant upset. While buying it, read the plant’s tag carefully to know more about the plant. Many people found to be a weed when placed outside, so keep this plant inside to protect them from the disease.

3) Peace Lily

It is an easy-blooming, classic houseplant, producing white leaf-like structure to fill your home with its peace. It flowers various times throughout the year. The plant has a glossy and attractive look that makes it perfect for decor piece - even when not in bloom. Before purchasing peace lily, read its tag to know the variety because it vary widely in sizes. This flower needs well-drained soil, so add Plantic Water Storing Hydro Crystals thoroughly into the fertile soil. Water thoroughly and allow it to dry down between waterings. It needs low-maintenance, making simple for you to do gardening with this flower. Peace lily requires bright, but indirect light and feed them with fertilizer (read its label direction). So, know more about this pretty bloom and plant it in your centrepiece.

4) Florist’s Kalanchoe

Florist’s kalanchoe has dainty, brightly coloured flowers and succulent leaves, making it perfect for your living room. It is a low-maintenance plant just like other succulents. Kalanchoe prefers to be dry out between waterings, so give them a touch of the sun as much as possible. Also, add Plantic Hydro crystals, because it will maintain the right amount of moisture in the soil and reduce water stress according to its label guide. All these easy steps help you get a pretty cluster of flowers and thick, rubber leaves and enjoy its super bloom during the holiday.

5) Begonia

This over lush flower is the best plant for indoor decoration - it’s low maintenance, makes you enjoy with it. Its high-performance personality comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. But you can generally like a rounded petal and waxy texture. Begonia can survive and do well in most lighting situations but prefer moist soil. Also, be careful not to make the soil over wet. Begonia has newer varieties too, which features electric foliage and brightly coloured bloom, so you need not go for old varieties. For, strong growth and super bloom opt Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid fertilizer. This premium blend infuses all-natural ingredients which are proven, for super growth. So, start from today and choose the variety, which your senses like. Then, plant it with - Plantic fertilizer.

6) Christmas Cactus

As the name suggests Christmas cactus bloom around wintertime, creating a welcome sign. If, you are looking for a house plant and not decided yet. Then, this will be the best option for you. So, give your home a reward of Christmas cactus. Comes in multi-layered, intricate flowers with an exclusive wide range of colours, depending on its variety. They need low maintenance - prefer indirect light, and need water only when they look upset or dry. Learn more about this premium flower and know how to maximize its blooming time. Christmas cactus do well in a potting mix of fertile topsoil and Plantic Organic BloomDrop! Liquid plant food. So, get more detail about it and do accordingly.

7) Moth Orchid

If you are looking for inexpensive and elegant looking flowers, then you can go with this widely known and available Moth Orchid. It’s attracting petals are just like butterfly wings, making you fall in love with this and also fill your home with its natural love. Moth orchids come in a variety of colors that gives you a wide range of options. Do not water them regularly, only water every 1-2 weeks by placing the pot under running water. Also, make sure that it dries out between waterings. For best result, add Plantic water-storing hydro crystals to reduce water stress and maintain the soil moisture. And do not forget to give your plants a boost of Plantic Organic! Liquid fertilizer. Its ready to use formula allows you to feed your plants when they feel hungry and upset. When the plant flowers, cut the stems and provide them with continued care so that it can be healthy for the next bloom.

8) African Violet

When it comes to African Violet - no list of blooming houseplant can complete without it. It provides a steady stem of blooms, depending on its variety - it has a wide range of flower colors. Comes with shades of red, white, pink or classic purple, but whatever you choose, it’s sure it will ornament your home. It blooms for months at a time, depending on what variety you have chosen. Before planting it, just beware of some suggestions - do not put them in the presence of bright sunlight because they can grow in low light conditions. It is perfect to place them at narrow countertops or low light window sills. It can grow, with a size of 12 inches or less, making it the perfect centrepiece. African violets do not like water directly on their fizzy leaves in-spite of they like humidity and moisture. Here is another secret which you love to do so, follow the steps:

Put the African Violet in a pot which has a hole in the bottom.

Place the pot on a dish.

Then, fill the dish with water so the plant can drink it whenever it wants.

This tip will help balance soil moisture and makes it simple for you to do care.

Every house needs to be decorated with plants because it will provide multiple benefits for you and your beloved’s health. From a windowsill to the living room table, house plants will create a magical colour and greenery, making you lost in its love. Flowering plants have aesthetic properties too that helps you relieve from daily stress and tension. Houseplants also aid in air filtration, providing you fresh breath. So, start indoor gardening with the right flower or choose any from the above and plant them. Also, do not forget to feed them with Plantic Organic liquid fertilizer, check out all products to enjoy the bloom inside at any time with just a little care.

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